First Impressions of Minecraft XBOX One Edition

minecraft-xbox-one-game-boxWe are two Brothers Elliot age 10 and Oliver age 7. We started gaming three years ago when our dad won the XBOX 360 in a draw. We started playing the Minecraft XBOX 360 Edition a year and a half ago. At first we were disappointed about the way the game play worked because it was different from the computer version. Then we started to understand the way the game worked and over time we started to enjoy it.

We got the XBOX One along with other gadgets in the month of December but we weren’t able to play it till January because we were away for the holidays. The first things that we noticed was nothing but then we started to see that there were more items in the inventory such as fireworks, nametags, trackers, horses, mules, donkeys, etc.

More to come next time.

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